Project Description

This interactive platform of a Slovak traveler, marketing expert, author, and blogger Silvia Puchovska is focused on providing education on marketing and digital nomad lifestyle for anyone.

We have been helping Silvia to bring this project to the Slovak audience and cooperated with her to create an original and unique design with the focus on the “call to action”.

The main aim of this website project was to engage new visitors and convert them to the customers.
With the implementation of many marketing elements complementing with the original design, we think that the project has met the required expectation.

This project includes following key features:

  • WordPress CMS
  • Fast loading
  • Logo design
  • Google Analytics
  • Pop Up double opt-in sign-up
  • Caching and minification of files for better performance
  • E-commerce implementation – the website has a fully functional store for selling online and/or physical products
  • Payment Gateway for paying with the credit cards directly on the website
  • Unique, simple design with excellent UX
  • SSL implementation

Part of this project was creating an original logo design and helping to create color schemes defining this project for Slovak Market.

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